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We are a bit different than most of the companies you encounter dealing with Magic the Gathering cards. Most of our time is spent traveling to different events around the country as “floor traders”. Floor traders will not have the big expensive vendor booths with lots of employees standing around. Nothing wrong with that and it has been that way for a long time. One need not be a Harvard business graduate to understand the tremendous cost involved in maintaining such an operation.

Big overheads will be reflected in the buying / selling / trading schemes of those companies. As floor traders, we have minimal overheads so we can be much more generous. We really like to trade. We also love Puca Trade and are very active there. Our formula is very simple. Your Mint / Near Mint cards will get you 70% in value against our cards valued at 100%. We use the current TCG mid pricing for your cards and ours. Example:

Your M/NM cards have a value of $100.00.
We will give you 70% of that value in trade for cards we have that you want.

Can it be any simpler?

Our inventory is always turning over because not only do we use Puca Trade, we also enjoy a great wholesale business selling to dealers. It is not unusual for dealers at shows (and their employees) to trade with us because of our great percentages.

By the way, we are not in a position to refuse your money. If you want to buy cards from us outright, we are happy to accept your money. Again, we like the M/NM cards so they can move on Puca Trade. We realize that the older cards like Revised, Unlimited, etc. may not always be in M/NM condition. We are happy to consider the older cards but let us know in advance that you are sending them. The worst case is that they are too bad and we can mail them back.

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Address – 986B Knox Abbott Dr, Cayce, SC 29033